Everything You Need to Know About Tesla Model S

Everything You Need to Know About Tesla Model S

History created in the automobile industry when world-class all-electric Tesla Model S stepped into the market of wheels. Launched on June 22, 2012, in the US, UK, and Europe Model S since then became the second highest selling electric-luxury-sedan of all time. Raveled up with topnotch features, high-tech performance, and edifying eco-friendly nature—this car is no less than a masterpiece in the current driving era. It’s time to go deeper and turn the pages of Tesla’s Model S to explore what’s in.

Basic Specification

(As per Tesla Model S Performance (Ludicrous+) Variant)
Speed Acceleration Range/Mileage Drive Weight
163 mph 0-60 mph in 2.4 seconds 345 Miles per MPGe (Miles Per Gallon Equivalent ) All-Wheel Drive (AWD) 4, 941 lbs


Let’s explore what advanced features this vehicle possesses, which brought it wondrous profile worldwide:

Safety & Protection:

 This electric automobile has a highly protective architecture: effectively capable of providing Front & Side-Impact Protections. Floor mounted battery and being most of the hefty content down the front seats, it provides the Lowest Rollover Risk.


This rover has impressive interior qualities, such as:


Tesla Model S With Autopilot


Tesla Model S Interior


Tesla Model S Big Spacing

  • A massive 17 inches Touch screen Display.
  • Forward Noise Engineering: to block away the unwanted noises.
  • 30 cu ft storage in the front panel.
  • Glass Roof: This provides some extra headroom inside.


The exterior in Model S comes in five signature colors with multi-layered paint and other amenities like:


Tesla Model S


Tesla Model S 100d


Tesla Model S White


Tesla Model S p100d


Tesla Model S p100d white

  • UV Protected Glass Roof.
  • Aerodynamic Coefficient.
  • Automatic Door Handles: which pop up on approach and pullback when settle.
  • Roof Rack Compatible.
  • Wheels: Comes in either format of the buyer’s choice: 19″ or 21″.
  • Wheelbase: 116.5″
  • Length: 196.0″


4 years of basic vehicle and 8 years of battery & powertrain warranties come with this five seater Tesla car.


Model S has a premium audio system fits in, which is specially designed for its ultra-quiet cabin.

Other features are as follows:

  • Balanced Handling.
  • HEPA Air Filtration System: it prevents the car’s cabin from unwanted odors, viruses, and bacteria.
  • LED Fog Lamps.
  • Automatic Garage Door Opener.
  • Real-Time Maps & Navigation.,
  • Custom Driver Profiles, etc.
  • Superfast Charging: It’s a paid service.

What's Special?


Yes! It’s true. Tesla Model S comes with autopilot mode—with its 360° Camera View, 160 m Forward Facing Radar, and 12 Ultrasonic Sensors—it is capable of self-driving.


Alike Tesla’s earlier models; Model S consists of Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive, Adaptive Air Suspension and Ludicrous Acceleration, which help the motorist experiencing distinctive performance and effortless driving despite any weather condition.


It’s an eco-friendly and kids-friendly car. No harm on the environment, because this EV does zero emission of greenhouse gases. And, in terms of kids, it has a spacious seating arrangement.

Drastic measures have been taken down by Elon Musk led Tesla to create this revolutionary wonder of wagons. Let’s check out how much Tesla Model S costs. It comes in three variants:

Variants Standard Range Long Range Performance
Range (EPA) 285 370 345
Top Speed (mph) 155 155 163
Acceleration (as per 0-60 mph) 4s 3.7s 3s
Cost ($) 68, 750 78, 750 89, 750

That’s not all, Tesla also has another choice which can give 20% faster acceleration i.e. Ludicrous Mode—a buyer can only upgrade to this version from Tesla Model S Performance. However, it costs extra $20, 000.

 Note: The first table consists of the Ludicrous enabled description.


Initially, nobody in the world was recognizing Tesla as an automobile manufacturer, but then Model S was born, and it changed the whole game for Tesla and mapped them as an automaker globally. Today, Tesla is a leading and among top car brands. Tesla Model S car is undoubtedly one of the best electric cars in the world.

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